Splurge every day and still be healthy!

donutsI would love to talk about the delicious bacon, egg, and cheese-filled crepe I just had out for breakfast.  This caloric plate-full of food is just what I needed to kick off yet another healthy day.

That last sentence is completely true.  I just finished eating a giant and absolutely delicious cinnamon chipotle bacon, fluffy egg, and creamy American cheese crepe that has left me very full and satisfied.  If I had to guess, it was probably around 700 calories at least, about double the calories I would normally eat for breakfast.

Funny part is, this breakfast is part of my healthy lifestyle.

Incredible, right?  I have no regrets.  I will walk out of this little café and carry on with my healthy lifestyle.

One key component of a healthy lifestyle are the little splurges.  If you don’t treat yourself, you may begin to crave the more unhealthy food more and more and inevitably fall back into less healthy living.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe in splitting up the day 20% off and 80% on.  I do my best 80% of the time to make the healthiest choices and I allow 20% of the time to stray off slightly from that.

Life is too short to completely cut yourself off from your favorite splurge foods.  Don’t tell yourself, “no more cake after today”, or “no more potato chips starting tomorrow”.  Treat yourself!  Like my mother always taught me growing up, everything is okay in moderation.  I went through a time where for about a year I limited myself very heavily on most foods and ate portions that were way too small, especially considering how much I was working out.  I almost never splurged and even though I was losing weight and seeing results from exercising, I was not happy.  I tricked myself into thinking I was loving this new lifestyle and my new body.  However, with the massive guilt that came with anything straying away from the basic food I was allowing myself to eat and constantly adding up calories all day, it was neither the right way to live nor the healthy way to live.  As soon as I snapped out of it once I learned how I was actually at an unhealthy weight, my happiness skyrocketed.  I could eat food that I hadn’t allowed myself to in so long and I still stayed healthy.  Trust me; the splurges are well worth it.

Whether you choose to follow the 20%, 80% rule like me or choose one or two days out of the week to treat yourself, just enjoy life, take care of your body, and allow yourself to enjoy splurges every now and then.

Stay healthy and be strong!


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