Whatever you do, do not worry about buying that gym membership.

Coming right out of college, I knew I was not going to have the means to afford a gym membership.  Real-world bills began to pile up and budgeting proved that a gym membership was not something that was going to happen.  However, that was not going to stop me from keeping fit.

Body weight training is the best workout to stay lean and fit and it won’t cost you anything at all.  Many people might try to use the excuse that they don’t want to work out because it costs too much and they don’t see results to make it worth it.  Well, body weight training does not even require a gym membership; in fact, it can be done completely at home and with some hard work, there will be results.

This workout method is becoming more and more popular also due to how effective it is.  There are so many variations of body weight training that improves your movement and strength, and makes you toned.  My favorite body weight training workouts come from Cassey Ho on YouTube, called “Blogilates”.  She has created a form of working out that incorporates Pilates moves and interval training.  Personally, I have seen and felt more results from her in one week than any other workouts that I have done in the past.  She has hundreds of workouts specifically targeting each muscle group in your body as well as many cardio workouts, too.  By doing Blogilates workouts, you can tailor your workout exactly how you want.  For example, if you want to just work on legs, search “Blogilates legs” into YouTube and you will find numerous leg workouts from Cassey that will leave you sore and stronger.  Her muscle toning workouts only take up the space of a yoga mat; although you don’t need a yoga mat to perform the workouts, be sure to use a soft surface such as a carpet and that will work perfectly.  She also has videos on how to choose healthy foods to eat to compliment your workouts.

Body weight training has given me the opportunity to maintain my health that I had in college and allows me to feel fresh and strong every day.  I strongly suggest giving this workout method a try.  Working out is now made easy and convenient right in your home and still gives the results that are desired.

plank girl


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