Try this energy drink—it’s free!

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and work is becoming harder to accomplish.  Your eyes begin to grow heavy.  Fantasies of being wrapped up in your warm covers in your bed consume your mind.  The countless coffee refills are not doing their job and you are fighting the urge to take a quick power nap in your car.

I have the solution.

Water is the world’s best energy drink.  It is everywhere and most of the time it is free!  Drinking water is one of the best habits you can keep for maintaining a healthy body.  It has become one of my personal goals this year to drink more water and I am now experiencing the many benefits.  My skin is clearer, I feel refreshed, and do not get as drowsy throughout the day.  These are some of the general benefits of drinking more water:

  1. Water helps maintain fluid balance. Water makes up about 70% of our bodies.  In order to allow the body to continue important functions such as transporting nutrients, regulating body temperature, and digesting food, we must supply it with enough water.
  2. Water controls caloric intake. Drinking water throughout the day can also curve your appetite so when it comes to meal times, you may not consume as much food since you already have water in your stomach.
  3. Water supports kidney function. Our kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body, processing about 200 quarts of blood per day and sorting out waste to be removed.  Water is needed for them to complete their job effectively.
  4. Water fights colds. Water aids in keeping the body hydrated and may assist in preventing decongestion.  When feeling a little on the ill side, don’t forget to drink more water and other fluids.  This shouldn’t be in replacement of seeing a doctor if needed, of course, but just one tip to helping bounce back to normal.
  5. Water supplies energy to muscles. When working out or with any other physical activity, muscles grow tired.  Drinking more water will help supply your muscles with an extra boost of energy to keep you going.

I have definitely increased my water intake the past several weeks.  I have been attempting to find different ways of drinking more since, honestly, the taste of water kind of bores me.  I tried putting fresh fruit such as strawberries and blueberries in my water to give it extra taste which worked for a little bit.  Very recently, I bought a giant water bottle and that has actually helped a lot.  I fill it all the way to the top in the morning when I get to work and tell myself I have to drink the whole water bottle by lunch.  That way, instead of having a small water bottle and having to get up and down from my work to refill it, I have a monster water bottle and I can easily track just how much I drink throughout the day.  Whatever works for you, stick to it!  It is recommended that an average adult should drink about two liters, or a half gallon, of water daily.

Stay healthy and be strong!

energy drink pic


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