The two-ingredient pancake recipe that nobody should miss out on. Nobody.

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods.  Who can’t resist fluffy pancakes with sweet maple syrup drizzled over them?  However, I never have the patience to make them from scratch and forget to buy pancake mix.  However, I have recently discovered a pancake recipe that only requires two ingredients and is absolutely delightful.

These pancakes in which I speak of are banana egg pancakes.  I learned about this recipe from one of my favorite women out there, Cassey Ho, the Blogilates creator.  I have mentioned before how she has countless workout videos on YouTube that are extremely fun and extremely difficult but she is so motivating, I couldn’t imagine working out without her.  Cassey also has many other YouTube segments including ones about food, cooking, and meal plans.  I heard about these pancakes several months ago but could never believe how they could actually substitute your average pancakes.  How could a banana mixed with eggs provide the same satisfaction?

Well, this morning I was amazed.  The recipe only calls for one banana and two eggs, making for a healthier version of pancakes.  You mash them together and pour them in a frying pan as you would with regular pancake batter and within minutes you have a mountain of pancakes before you.  Just for fun, I added some chocolate chips to mine and topped them off with some sugar-free pancake syrup and I was in heaven.

Cassey, you have done it again.  These are so simple and so delicious, I might just make them again tomorrow morning.

Watch Cassey’s video below on how to make this delicious breakfast:


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