Debate Day: Vegans vs Vegetarians vs Pescetarians vs Omnivores vs ?

I want to spark some debate today.

I have never been a vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan in my life.  I have always truly felt that since humans are technically omnivores, our bodies were meant to process and be in need of both meat and vegetables.  That’s how we were built, so I never saw a reason to stop eating meat or any animal by-products.  Also, that’s simply how I was raised.  Meat and other animal by-products have always been a part of my life.  I understand that some people feel bad for the animals or feel that animals aren’t treated right at farms.  However, having worked on several farms and studied the industry for years, I have learned that not every farm operates inhumanely.  Of course there are the farms that have poor conditions and treatment towards their livestock, but that does not mean that is how every farm operates.  Also, having graduated with an Animal Science degree, I have a respect behind the science and practices that go into growing healthy animals to feed the world.  In addition, I have witnessed how chickens will lay eggs every day whether you want them to or not and cows will lactate after calving whether you want them to or not.  I would hate to have these nutritious by-products go to waste.  So, I choose to eat them.

I just wanted to skim the surface there on my point of view.  I completely respect everyone’s opinions and choices in what they eat; please don’t take this as me bashing anyone who thinks differently than I do.  I also understand that some people choose certain diets due to medical reasons which, of course, is understandable.  I simply want to spark some debate and see what others have to say.  Please keep your comments respectful towards others or I will unfortunately have to remove them.  Now, let me hear what you have to say!


9 thoughts on “Debate Day: Vegans vs Vegetarians vs Pescetarians vs Omnivores vs ?

  1. Rachel-Elaine says:

    I’m vegan(ish) mainly for health reasons and by a slight suggestion of my cardiologist. Mainly cholesterol and fat I should actively avoid. It was easier for me to just cut them out completely than to try to figure out how much I eat daily. But every once and a while (once every 3 months) I have something with dairy or eggs. But typically not. I have been researching more and more and found the added health benefits of this lifestyle. But I do know its not for everyone and I really don’t care if you eat meat or not. My thing is if you don’t criticize what I eat, I won’t criticize what you eat.

  2. greenmindvegheart says:

    Hi Rebecca-thanks for encouraging friendly debate. I’m a life-long vegetarian and have never felt like I’ve missed out by not eating meat. Lentils, beans and tofu give me plenty of protein and I love fresh fruit and veggies.

    • Thank you for your response! Before I went to college I h=never had the chance to try tofu and other soy products and I actually really liked them! Sometimes I cook with tofu but I just don’t think I could give up my meat. But I am glad you have found a lifestyle that fits you!

    • Rachel-Elaine says:

      Not a huge fan of tofu because it is usually loaded with sodium, which I try to avoid, but every once in a while will treat myself with some tofu. And its really good with rice, I just hope I can find tofu that doesn’t have a lot of sodium in it, then I will enjoy it more often. But beans, corn with a little bit of lime juice and hot sauce makes an amazing dip for chips or eating it just by themselves.

      And it is nice that we get a friendly debate going instead of what I’ve seen. Either the vegetarians/vegans are very pushy or you get made fun of for being one. Or people start telling you what you are doing wrong when it comes to not eating meat. Not everyone is like that, but I’ve seen enough to know that it happens often.

  3. I believe that a small amount of meat and a lot of vegetables are a good diet for us humans. Of course I always select the grass fed beef, buffalo, or cage free chickens. I each chicken eggs also but they too have to be produced from cage free chickens. I usually try to get my vegetables in season and local, but when I can’t I select frozen.

    I was a vegan for two years and it did make me feel good, but the problem was that I was hungry all of the time and it didn’t do too much for my workouts.

    • Rachel-Elaine says:

      I’m all for fresh local vegetables and fruit. Although the frozen kind is good, I like the taste of fresh better than frozen. But I do often do frozen broccoli and the other vegetables that I don’t eat every week.

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