My Shepherd’s Pie

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People love food.  Even if someone is a picky eater, there is something edible that person cannot get enough of.  No matter how many differences you may have with someone, one aspect of your lives that you will always have in common with them would be food.  It is relatable to everyone.  This is why I would love to have a focus for my blog that involves food.

With that, let’s talk about Shepherd’s Pie.

It was a staple meal growing up, and it was also something my mom made when she cooked for friends and family.  It has everything one needs in a meal all at once and it is super easy to make.  Today, I took a stab at it for the first time and I am so excited to try my creation.

I bought a roll of unbaked croissant bread that I unrolled and flattened out in a baking pan.  I cooked ground turkey and mixed that with frozen vegetables and poured gravy over that for some moisture and flavor.  The most exciting part of this meal, however, is the mashed potatoes.

I don’t make mashed potatoes too much but as I was discussing my cooking endeavors with a friend, he suggested using cream cheese instead of butter and red potatoes instead of white.  If you have never made mashed potatoes like this before, I strongly suggest giving it a try.  What is better than creamy and cheesy mashed potatoes?  That’s right, nothing.

I boiled the potatoes, mashed them with a wooden spoon with the skin still on, mixed in a package of cream cheese, some milk, and garlic cloves and the end result is nothing but smooth, rich, and delightful mashed potatoes.  Once that was all mixed in the bowl I layered it on top of the ground turkey and veggies and put it in the oven at 350° for about 40 minutes.  I waited until the potatoes had a slightly brown edge to them and then took them out of the oven.

I wish that I could direct you more specifically on the amounts of each ingredient I used but honestly, I couldn’t tell you what I did.  I believe that is the fun part about cooking though; nothing about cooking has to be exact.  It is something you can take step by step and modify it as you go.  Learn what you like and try something new.  Add in small amounts of your ingredients at first and if you think your creation needs more, add more!

For my version of this Shepherd’s Pie, I can say that I tried to use healthier versions of the ingredients where I could.  I used low sodium gravy, ground turkey (traditionally this is made with ground lamb but many use ground beef), reduced fat cream cheese, and 1% milk.  In my opinion, it comes out just as delicious with the healthier ingredients.  You never know until you try!

Let me know if you have ever made Shepherd’s Pie before and how you made it!  I would love to have a discussion with different ideas about recipes.


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