Quick, delicious, and guilt-free peanut butter cookies

Have you ever had the urge for sweets?  Of course you have, everyone has.  That is why this post is especially perfect for you!

I have discovered the best and easiest guilt-free cookie recipe.  You might be doubtful at first but once you take them out of the oven and dive in for your first bite you will experience nothing but sweet, pure cookie bliss.

The recipe is as follows:

1 c peanut butter

½ c sweetener

3 tbsp egg whites

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp raisins

Pinch of cinnamon

photo (5)That’s it!  Mix the ingredients together until it becomes dough-like and spoon onto baking trays.  Set the oven to 350⁰F for 8-12 minutes.

I hope you try this recipe since it is so easy and so delicious!  I never buy desserts to regularly have them stocked in my freezer as to try to stay as healthy as I can but every now and then I get a sweet craving and this satisfied that perfectly!

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle it is still good to allow yourself to splurge and eat foods you enjoy without worrying about calories.  I try my hardest to live the 80-20 lifestyle where 80% of my day I make sure to make healthy choices and 20% of my day I allow a small splurge.  It really keeps me in check and prevents me from completely breaking down and going to an unhealthy lifestyle by allowing small splurges.



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