Portion Control Catastrophe

I decided to stop by Starbucks this morning on my way to work today.  There’s something wonderful about a one hour drive to work with a nice hot cup of coffee in hand to get my head straight for work.  So, I walked into the little coffee shop and ordered a latte.

As the barista was making my drink, he turned to me and politely asked in his sophisticated English accent, “Would you like something to eat with this; perhaps a big, fat bacon breakfast sandwich?”

I politely declined; the sound of a “big fat bacon breakfast sandwich” sounded delicious, of course, but I already had breakfast.  It wasn’t until I was almost to work when I started thinking more about the barista’s offer.  Why did he use “big, fat” to describe the sandwich to me?  What is it about these words that would have appealed to me and made me want to buy the sandwich?

I think we might all know the answer here.  When it comes to food, Americans love anything that sounds like they will be receiving a lot of whatever they are ordering.  If he had just said “bacon breakfast sandwich”, it would have still sounded delicious.  However, adding in “big, fat” might have been just what the majority of the American public would have needed to cave and give in to the barista’s offer.

It is something that is being worked on in this country but when I think about the average portion size of a meal in other countries, it is mind-blowing.  This article is just one example of how Americans compare to different countries with the sizes of drinks at McDonald’s.  I was overjoyed when restaurants began to list the calorie count on their menus and other nutritionals.  Many restaurants also have this information online which I occasionally like to glance at before going there for a meal.

I just wanted to mention this and see what everyone has to say about the portion sizes in America.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think America will be able to have similar portion sizes to other countries?  Do you think the larger portion sizes in America contribute to the obesity problem we have?

Stay healthy and be strong!


Debate Day: Vegans vs Vegetarians vs Pescetarians vs Omnivores vs ?

I want to spark some debate today.

I have never been a vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan in my life.  I have always truly felt that since humans are technically omnivores, our bodies were meant to process and be in need of both meat and vegetables.  That’s how we were built, so I never saw a reason to stop eating meat or any animal by-products.  Also, that’s simply how I was raised.  Meat and other animal by-products have always been a part of my life.  I understand that some people feel bad for the animals or feel that animals aren’t treated right at farms.  However, having worked on several farms and studied the industry for years, I have learned that not every farm operates inhumanely.  Of course there are the farms that have poor conditions and treatment towards their livestock, but that does not mean that is how every farm operates.  Also, having graduated with an Animal Science degree, I have a respect behind the science and practices that go into growing healthy animals to feed the world.  In addition, I have witnessed how chickens will lay eggs every day whether you want them to or not and cows will lactate after calving whether you want them to or not.  I would hate to have these nutritious by-products go to waste.  So, I choose to eat them.

I just wanted to skim the surface there on my point of view.  I completely respect everyone’s opinions and choices in what they eat; please don’t take this as me bashing anyone who thinks differently than I do.  I also understand that some people choose certain diets due to medical reasons which, of course, is understandable.  I simply want to spark some debate and see what others have to say.  Please keep your comments respectful towards others or I will unfortunately have to remove them.  Now, let me hear what you have to say!