Tear Drops

Tear drops.

Rain drops.



Tear drops.


She shudders

She sighs

She closes her eyes.

Wishes the pain would terminate

Wishes she cold forget

Wishes the world could pause

And she sits with her

Tear drops.


Droplets pelt to the pavement

Lightening strikes

The sky booms


Tear drops fall to the shiny tile floor.

But the storm will soon pass

As will the pain.

It can’t last forever because the

Sun craves to show her glistening rays.

The dark clouds will soon expose the bright blue sky.

She will soon open her eyes,

Step outside

And know that the storm has passed

Because the sun craves to show her glistening rays

And Mother Nature knows the

Day will be free of any more

Tear drops.


This is another piece I wrote in 2012 that was published in my college literary magazine.  Enjoy!


Thank You, Grandma

I know how it would look

He approaches and a smile grows

Her eyes open wide

He extends his hand.  She keeps eye contact

Those chocolate eyes.

Her grin

Content, satisfied.

I know how it would look.


A decade of fight; surviving

Strong soul

Full heart

Ten years.

She lingers now

In the golden sunrise

The steam in our coffee

The birds overhead.


I know how it would look.

She would glance at me

An approving nod

Wide smile

Ruby lipstick


“He’s a good man.”

“Thank you, Grandma.”