Three workouts to a celebrity-status body

Who wouldn’t want a body like the celebrities?  Naomi Watts, Jennifer Anniston, and Scarlett Johansson dished out their favorite workouts to keep in shape.

Naomi loves to keep her arms toned with her triangle pushups, which is a similar move to the narrow pushups that I introduced in my previous blog post, found here.  To do these, begin in a plank position and form a triangle with your pointer fingers and thumbs beneath you.  Bend your elbows and lower to the ground.  Once you reach halfway to the ground, rise up to straighten your arms again.  Naomi repeats this for ten reps every other day and works her way up to 30 reps total.

Jennifer Anniston is all about the abs, and she keeps her abs toned from Boat Pose and the V-raise.  For Boat Pose, sit upright on the floor with your knees bent and in front of you.  Lift your feet off of the floor and straighten your legs upwards.  Point your arms straight out and hold in this position for eight breaths.  For the V-raise, begin lying down with your hands by your side and your legs out straight.  Sit up while raising your legs into a Boat Pose.  Complete eight reps about four times a week.

Scarlett Johansson revealed her favorite full body workout as the Front Sprawl.  Begin in plank position and then jump your feet up to where your hands are.  Jump your feet backwards to the plank position and do one pushup.  She recommends doing this workout for 20 reps about three times a week.

For those who watched the Oscars, you would have seen these three beautiful women working the Red Carpet with confidence.  Incorporate these workouts into your own workouts and see the benefits!

Stay healthy and be strong!


The two-ingredient pancake recipe that nobody should miss out on. Nobody.

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods.  Who can’t resist fluffy pancakes with sweet maple syrup drizzled over them?  However, I never have the patience to make them from scratch and forget to buy pancake mix.  However, I have recently discovered a pancake recipe that only requires two ingredients and is absolutely delightful.

These pancakes in which I speak of are banana egg pancakes.  I learned about this recipe from one of my favorite women out there, Cassey Ho, the Blogilates creator.  I have mentioned before how she has countless workout videos on YouTube that are extremely fun and extremely difficult but she is so motivating, I couldn’t imagine working out without her.  Cassey also has many other YouTube segments including ones about food, cooking, and meal plans.  I heard about these pancakes several months ago but could never believe how they could actually substitute your average pancakes.  How could a banana mixed with eggs provide the same satisfaction?

Well, this morning I was amazed.  The recipe only calls for one banana and two eggs, making for a healthier version of pancakes.  You mash them together and pour them in a frying pan as you would with regular pancake batter and within minutes you have a mountain of pancakes before you.  Just for fun, I added some chocolate chips to mine and topped them off with some sugar-free pancake syrup and I was in heaven.

Cassey, you have done it again.  These are so simple and so delicious, I might just make them again tomorrow morning.

Watch Cassey’s video below on how to make this delicious breakfast:

Hands Up for Pushups

Let’s talk about pushps.  They all began in gym class in elementary school or middle school when the gym teachers had to test your physical health and made you complete as many crunches and pushups as you could (and in my case, I had to do them while half of my class watched me).  They always held a negative connotation and you have always dreaded them, right?  Well, pushups just got a bit more exciting.

There are so many variations of pushups, it is truly unbelievable.  Also, each variation is an excellent full-body workout.  In any given pushup position, you will be working arms, shoulders, chest, core, back, and legs.  Everything is working to bring your body up and down.  They are always a good challenge, and can always be made harder.  Push yourself!

These are just a few types of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing pushup varieties:

  1. Wide-grip pushup. This pushup is just like your standard pushup but it involves a wider stance to work your chest harder.  Place your hands further than shoulder width apart and feel the burn!
  1. Narrow-grip pushup. These specifically target your triceps.  Place your hands just a few inches apart from each other beneath you in pushup position.  Bend your elbows and feel those triceps working hard!
  1. T-pushups. These are my personal favorite.  Begin in standard pushup position.  Now, lean to one side so you are at a side plank with your feet stacked and raise your arm.  Return to standard pushup position and repeat on the other side.  This is a full body workout and particularly works on strengthening the obliques as well as arms, shoulders, and core.
  1. Feet-elevated pushups. These require, you guessed it, for your feet to be elevated.  Find a bench outside or a chair or even your bed and place your feet on it in pushup position. Now do a set of regular pushups but you will feel more work for your shoulders, chest, and scapular stabilizers, or the muscles that connect your neck, mid back, and shoulders together.
  1. Elbow pushups. These are just pure torture but extremely effective.  In plank position, go on to your elbows so your forearms are on the ground.  Now, one arm at a time, return back into a full plank position with your hands on the ground beneath you at shoulder width apart.  Repeat this up-and-down movement and you will be shredding your arms in no time.

These are excellent moves to incorporate into your workouts.  For beginners, these moves can also be performed on the knees.pushups  Challenge your friends and see who can do more reps or last the longest!  Create your own pushup variation, or see if you can do one of the pushups listed above continuously throughout your favorite song.  These are difficult moves but you will see the results with determination.

Stay healthy and be strong!

My discovery of a magical weight-loss technology that will shed pounds within 40 days!

How_to_lose_weight_with_technology_thumbThis morning I discovered a break-through technology that makes you lose 20 pounds in just 40 days!

I was just about to pull into the parking lot at work and a radio ad came on the radio advertising for some form of technology that doesn’t require any work, no exercising, no dieting, and is especially effective for those with diabetes.  This mysterious technology was never described in any further detail; I wasn’t sure if I were to do it, would I be put in a machine and weight-loss lasers would beam into my body?  Is this a robot that would emit weight-loss rays into me?  Is it a computer game I have to play to lose weight with every level I achieve?

All in all, I was very turned off by this ad.  Being healthy shouldn’t come as easy as giving in to some questionable technology.  I can understand that there are underlying diabetic issues that cause weight gain but there are other options other than turning to technology such as this.  Being healthy is about educating yourself on what foods to eat and how to live an active lifestyle.  Being involved with a technological weight-loss system won’t improve your physical stamina, it won’t make you stronger physically or mentally, and it won’t teach you anything other than how to use some vaguely-described miracle weight loss technology.

Of course, I would recommend speaking to a doctor before trying something like this if you truly believe that a weight loss system such as this would be a good fit for you.  By all means, I respect your decision; however, I know there are better options out there.  Make weight loss and being healthy fun.  Try new foods and instantly feel the benefits.  By eating clean and staying active, whether it’s taking a walk every day or even doing pushups during commercials on TV, you will feel happier, healthier, and proud of yourself for making a change in your life.  Try not to give in to weight loss pills and other similar alternatives so quickly that promise results that seem too good to be true.  Create a lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  This will prevent you from having to go on and off special diets and temporary weight loss regimens.  I challenge you to make a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Stay healthy and be strong!