The ultimate guide for getting rid of your laziness forever

I was thinking earlier today how I come up with my titles for my blog.  I have noticed a pattern and came to realize how the titles where I make it seem like little or no effort or diligence is required have the most views.

My titles such as “Splurge every day and still be healthy!” and “Whatever you do, do not worry about buying that gym membership” were just two of my blog posts that had the most views.  My posts that were titled “Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day: Your Complete Guide to a Guilt-Free V-Day” and “Are you mentally healthy?” did not have nearly the same amount of views.  I am curious about this pattern.

Why are we so attracted to the idea of looking good or being healthy without any effort?  I think the answer may be obvious: laziness.  We all have our lazy days, trust me, but what is it that can motivate us to work hard for what we want?  Here are some pointers on how to stay motivated and overcome laziness:

  1. Make measurable goals. It is important to define exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.  Be sure to be as specific as possible.  For example, instead of saying, “Lose weight by the summer”, say “Lose 10 pounds by June 1, 2015.”  That way, you will be able to confirm exactly whether or not you accomplished your goal by the time you reach your finish date.
  1. Stay positive. A positive mindset can really make a significant difference.  Do your best to push aside any negative thoughts or temptations to bring yourself down in any way.  Love your body and love yourself.  After you accomplish that, the rest will come much easier.
  1. Go on your health journey with friends and loved ones. By joining in with friends or family, creating a healthier lifestyle is more fun and definitely easier.  You can be each other’s supporters and share your experiences together.  Also, I think it’s fun to challenge each other to help give that extra motivation.  I challenge my sister all the time to see if she is capable of something that I had just accomplished that I am proud of and vice versa.
  1. Think of how you want to be when you’re much older. It may sound silly, but on my laziest days, I often think to myself that if I can’t get up and complete a good workout at my age now, how am I supposed to think it’s going to be easier when I’m much older?  I want to be the most fit 50-something when I get to that point!  At almost half that age currently, I cannot begin bad habits of being lazy!  Needless to say, this is the point where I get up and start working out.
  1. Keep in mind how quickly the body reacts to eating well and working out. The human body is simply amazing.  When I first began to learn more about fitness and started truly working out hard on a regular basis, it was remarkable how quickly I saw changes.  It especially was made possible by complimenting my workouts with a healthy diet.  From personal experiences, I have noticed that it only takes two or three days for my body to get back into gear if I take a few days off from working out.  Also, about a week after working out and really pushing myself, I see and feel results.  If you are looking for results, you don’t have to wait months and months as long as you work hard.  Feeling new, refreshed, and healthy again is not far out of reach!  Just stay positive and after a week or so of true hard work and healthy eating, you will notice little results that will then motivate you even more in order to see and feel more noticeable results in the long run.  I promise that the whole process of taking on a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing your goals is nothing but rewarding.  The beginning is the hardest part.  Do your best to get past the rough beginning stages and you will be in the clear!

So, surround yourself with positivity and focus on your goals.  You will no longer be drawn towards a lazy path to being healthy!  You will learn to be very proud of your body and how you feel as a result of eating healthy and working out.

Stay healthy and be strong!


Splurge every day and still be healthy!

donutsI would love to talk about the delicious bacon, egg, and cheese-filled crepe I just had out for breakfast.  This caloric plate-full of food is just what I needed to kick off yet another healthy day.

That last sentence is completely true.  I just finished eating a giant and absolutely delicious cinnamon chipotle bacon, fluffy egg, and creamy American cheese crepe that has left me very full and satisfied.  If I had to guess, it was probably around 700 calories at least, about double the calories I would normally eat for breakfast.

Funny part is, this breakfast is part of my healthy lifestyle.

Incredible, right?  I have no regrets.  I will walk out of this little café and carry on with my healthy lifestyle.

One key component of a healthy lifestyle are the little splurges.  If you don’t treat yourself, you may begin to crave the more unhealthy food more and more and inevitably fall back into less healthy living.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe in splitting up the day 20% off and 80% on.  I do my best 80% of the time to make the healthiest choices and I allow 20% of the time to stray off slightly from that.

Life is too short to completely cut yourself off from your favorite splurge foods.  Don’t tell yourself, “no more cake after today”, or “no more potato chips starting tomorrow”.  Treat yourself!  Like my mother always taught me growing up, everything is okay in moderation.  I went through a time where for about a year I limited myself very heavily on most foods and ate portions that were way too small, especially considering how much I was working out.  I almost never splurged and even though I was losing weight and seeing results from exercising, I was not happy.  I tricked myself into thinking I was loving this new lifestyle and my new body.  However, with the massive guilt that came with anything straying away from the basic food I was allowing myself to eat and constantly adding up calories all day, it was neither the right way to live nor the healthy way to live.  As soon as I snapped out of it once I learned how I was actually at an unhealthy weight, my happiness skyrocketed.  I could eat food that I hadn’t allowed myself to in so long and I still stayed healthy.  Trust me; the splurges are well worth it.

Whether you choose to follow the 20%, 80% rule like me or choose one or two days out of the week to treat yourself, just enjoy life, take care of your body, and allow yourself to enjoy splurges every now and then.

Stay healthy and be strong!