Cardio workouts without touching a treadmill or leaving your house

Currently, I live on the second floor of an apartment building and I quickly realized upon moving in that high-impact cardio workouts were not going to work.  With every jump and series of cardio movements, I could feel the rage of my neighbors living under me.  I needed to get a good cardio workout in without disturbing my neighbors, so I did a little research.

Turns out, jumping around and all that would be associated with crazy cardio workouts isn’t necessary to get your heart rate up.  There may be occasional jumping but with practice, you will find it easy to softly land on your feet without making a lot of noise at all.  My favorite go-to for workouts is YouTube, as there are many videos that are very effective workouts and completely free!  Here are some of my favorites:

Cardio Lunges

This is a great workout to really get your heart racing while also working on building up the muscle in your lower body.  You may recognize the woman, Cassey, in the video from some of my other posts.  She has so many wonderful videos for working out and healthy lifestyle tips; she is my absolute favorite person to work out with.  Cassey is always motivating and positive and I have seen and felt more results doing her workouts in one week than I have with any other workouts.


This is another video that I love to include in my workouts.  Usually the day after I do this video, I feel most muscle soreness in my “glutes”.  Cassey also incorporates a little bit of upper body muscle toning in this video as well.

Cassey and Coach Nicole

Cassey teamed up with Coach Nicole to make a fun workout to get you pumped up!  The video alternates between Cassey and Nicole and they both offer great cardio sequences that I love to do.  I am sure you will, too!

Weighted Cardio

I just happened to fall upon this video not too long ago, and I am glad I did!  This video features Cassey in a workout taught by Tony Horton, a P90X trainer.  They use medicine balls but since I don’t have one I just use a hand weight.  If you don’t own a hand weight or medicine ball, try using water bottles filled with water or sand, or anything else that adds resistance.  There are six moves that they lead you through for a great full-body workout.

I am confident you will love these videos and you will feel and see the results with persistence!

Stay healthy and be strong!


Three workouts to a celebrity-status body

Who wouldn’t want a body like the celebrities?  Naomi Watts, Jennifer Anniston, and Scarlett Johansson dished out their favorite workouts to keep in shape.

Naomi loves to keep her arms toned with her triangle pushups, which is a similar move to the narrow pushups that I introduced in my previous blog post, found here.  To do these, begin in a plank position and form a triangle with your pointer fingers and thumbs beneath you.  Bend your elbows and lower to the ground.  Once you reach halfway to the ground, rise up to straighten your arms again.  Naomi repeats this for ten reps every other day and works her way up to 30 reps total.

Jennifer Anniston is all about the abs, and she keeps her abs toned from Boat Pose and the V-raise.  For Boat Pose, sit upright on the floor with your knees bent and in front of you.  Lift your feet off of the floor and straighten your legs upwards.  Point your arms straight out and hold in this position for eight breaths.  For the V-raise, begin lying down with your hands by your side and your legs out straight.  Sit up while raising your legs into a Boat Pose.  Complete eight reps about four times a week.

Scarlett Johansson revealed her favorite full body workout as the Front Sprawl.  Begin in plank position and then jump your feet up to where your hands are.  Jump your feet backwards to the plank position and do one pushup.  She recommends doing this workout for 20 reps about three times a week.

For those who watched the Oscars, you would have seen these three beautiful women working the Red Carpet with confidence.  Incorporate these workouts into your own workouts and see the benefits!

Stay healthy and be strong!